CJ Greaves
Johnny G Motorsports

Residence: Abrams, WI

Son of Johnny Greaves, Colton, or as he is affectionately known as CJ, has grown up in off-road racing in the shadows of his dad, knowing that someday he would follow in his footsteps.

Like his dad, CJ began his racing career in motocross with regional victories and several trips to the National AMA Championship at Loretta Lynns in Tennessee. In 2010, CJ got behind the wheel of a 4-wheel racing vehicle in the form of a Super Buggy at the tender age of 15. He immediately became competitive in a field of seasoned veterans. CJ got off to a great start by taking the second place podium spot in his very first race. He followed that up with 3 straight wins, 2-second place finishes and a third place. He finished the year with 5 wins and 9 podiums in 12 rounds of racing to claim his first off-road championship in the Super Buggy Class and become the youngest driver to win a short-course championship.

2010 also saw CJ taking to the wheel of a Super Lite truck in the Lucas Series. These high performance arrive and drive trucks are a perfect prepping and training vehicle for the more powerful pro trucks that would be in CJs future racing career.

In 2011, CJ went into the year to defend his 2010 SuperBuggy Championship, and also to start his career in the Prolight V8 class. CJ had an amazing year in SuperBuggy with 7 wins, and 4 second place finishes, taking a back to back championship in the class, winning the 2011 SuperBuggy Championship with an astounding 67 point lead.

The Prolight was a great learning tool for the young CJ in stepping up to the Pro truck division. With a brand new truck, the team had some developmental and growing issues on the way. A couple design issues had to be corrected, not to mention with the addition of the 4th vehicle to the team some big adjustments had to be made. By mid-season CJ and the team were becoming comfortable, and it showed as CJ started as top qualifier at many of the events. CJ ended the season with 5 podiums, 3 MAX Lap awards, and capped the year as the TORC Prolight Cup Challenge champion of 2011.

In 2012, CJ will be compete again in the Prolight division to try and improve on his 6th place finish from 2011, and will also be the new driver for the Pro2. The team is aware that this will be a big challenge for the young, 16yr. old. However, a new truck has been built and designed especially for CJ and his driving style. The promise of CJs talent is already playing out as he won his first Pro2 race of 2012 season, which also makes him the youngest driver ever to win in a Pro class!
Notable Awards & Achievments:
  • 2011 TORC Super Buggy Champion
  • 2011 TORC Prolight Cup Challenge Champion
  • 2010 TORC Super Buggy Champion
  • 2010 Dirt Sports Rookie of the Year
  • 2010 TORC Series Sportsman Rookie of the Year
  • Youngest driver to win a 4-wheel off-road championship
  • 9 podiums in 12 rounds of racing in 2010

CJ Greaves's Website: http://www.johnnygreaves.com/


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