Reedy Competition Exhaust System - IN STOCK AND SHIPPING!
Reedy Competition Exhaust System - IN STOCK AND SHIPPING!

April 14, 2010
Reedy’s 2035 and 2039 mufflers feature a 3-chamber design for a linear power band and exceptional all-around performance. A reinforced stinger and hard-anodized finish increase durability, while a single-piece pressure nipple is positioned for maximum body clearance and to lessen the chance of the pressure line being knocked off in crash.
The 2035 muffler is incredibly powerful on the bottom end with good straight-line speed. On the other hand, the 2039 muffler is softer on the low end than the 2035, but is capable of more RPM and higher top speeds. A hard-anodized header designed specifically for use with these mufflers is also available.
Be sure to keep both mufflers on hand to fine-tune your power band for varying track configurations and conditions. 
·         Hard Anodized Finish
·         Reinforced Stinger
·         Single-Piece Pressure Nipple
·         Championship-Winning Performance
·         Compatible with .21 and .28 Competition Engines
·         EFRA Homologation


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